1990 Mazda Cosmo Type-E JC Auto. Ryan's 1990 (Mazda) Eunos Cosmo with a factory 20b 3 rotor rotary engine, and in right hand drive! EGC. A recent import, his 25 Year Old Cosmo was brought over complete and intact via US Customs Declaration of Box 1 on the HS7 Form.This is a nice example of one of the most Innovative Vehicles in Automotive History! 118,650 kilometers Japanese VIN: JC3SE102956 Twin Turbo Rotary Engine Vehicle Details. We are worldwide car exporter from Japan. The Luce was replaced by the Sentia in 1991 which was also exported under the 929 nameplate. Buy Mazda Eunos Cosmo Engine RWD Auto Transmission 1990-1995 2.0L Three Rotor Twin Turbo JDM Swap - 20b-Rew 20b 3 Rotor with Monthly Payments. Mileage 45000. Up for sale is my 1990 Eunos Roadster, ore commonly known as the Mazda Miata, r Mx-5. Buy. Used JDM 1990-1996 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 13B RE 13B 4 Port Automatic Transmission for sale. For retail sale, it was renamed GuideStar.

. . EXTERIOR-The Two Tone Blue / Grey shines however it does show some signs of bubbling and fading in the roof and trunk area. After the HB rounded out the Eighties, a fourth and final JC generation Eunos Cosmo was introduced for 1990. I have had the car for a little over a year. 13b. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1990 Mazda 626. . -Interior-Tan Leather.-2 Front Seats-2 Rear Seats-Heating, AC-GPS Navigation-Exterior -BBS Wheels-Color Silver-Engine-20BREW Twin Turbo-Transmission-Automatic-Mileage-50,410km 31,323 MilesFinancing Available. Looking for more cars? Automatic. Mileage 45000. This includes a VA title! CARS FOR SALE; SELL YOUR CAR; Classic cars for sale / Mazda / 1990 Mazda RX-7 *** FACTORY ROTARY CAR *** CONVERTIBLE!!! SPECS-1990 Mazda Eunos Comso Type E 3 Rotor 20B62,000 MilesTop of the Line with Voice Activated NavigationBlack ExteriorBeige InteriorAll Stock EXTERIOR-The Two Tone Black / Brown shines . Twin rotor 13B engine. Choose from a wide variety of used and secondhand cars of trusted car brands such as HONDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, and TOYOTA. There after, Mazda engineers continued to work on quality and durability improvements to produce more refined performance. Home; About; Auctions; Car Sale. Up for sale is a 1991 Eunos Cosmo 3 rotor twin turbo from japan. 1990 Mazda Mx5 Mk1 Eunos V-Spec Automatic Never Welded. The styling is more contemporary aero-smooth than rocket-fueled futuristic, but Cosmo remained a Grand Touring coupe that was as technically interesting as ever. Search for new & used Mazda CX-8 cars for sale in Australia. Make Mazda. Sold only through Mazda's Japanese premium channel Eunos, the 1990-1995 Cosmo was the final iteration of the Cosmo line of rotary sports coupes that goes back to the original Cosmo coupe of 1967, the world's first two-rotor rotary-engine car. This 1990 Cosmo was built for JDM Mazda sub-brand Eunos, and is the rare and desirable three-rotor, twin-sequential-turbo model. 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosno 3 Rotor 20B 159,000 Kilometers Blue Exterior Beige Interior All Stock. JDM MAZDA 13B-RE EUNOS COSMO TWIN TURBO ENGINE 2 ROTOR FC3S FD3S 13B RX7 MOTOR. ****ALL ROTARY ARE SOLD AS IS, NO WARRANTY. 1 listing Compare Mazda B-Series to Related Models. Posted Over 1 Month. 0 1990 Mazda Cosmo for sale in Canada. ****ALL ROTARY ARE SOLD AS IS, NO WARRANTY. Model RX-7. Used car specifications, history (version 2) Used car specifications, history (version . Vehicles; Tracks; More . Imported from Japan 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo. Call 866-912-7827 for more information. JDM Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B-REW 3 Rotar 2.0L Sequential Twin . The left side quarter panel shows paint damage that needs repair. 5 listings 1999 Mazda 626 For Sale. The car is stock except wheels, and lowering springs. Disability Cars for Sale Engine. The Glass is clear . . Four thousand engines is just enough to make stuffing one in your RX-3 uproariously expensive. 1990 Mazda B-Series Pictures: See 31 pics for 1990 Mazda B-Series. Mazda CX-8 cars for sale in Australia - carsales.com.au Eunos Cosmo (1990-1995) Oberklassen-Coup, erstes serienmiges Auto mit Dreischeibenwankelmotor Mazda RX-7 (1978-2002) Baureihe SA (FB), FC, FD Mazda RX-8 (2003-2012) JDM 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B 3 Rotor Twin Turbo Vehicle Vehicle VIN: JCESE-102423 This is a right hand drive 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo vehicle Imported Directly from Japan. Quality Tested. $12,995.00. It was the world's first volume-produced twin-turbo . Search Sell a Car Find Dealers Join our Dealers Auction Central Resources Journal AutoHunter.

Commonly referred to in Mazda circles (or in particular Rotary Engine circles), as a "JC" Cosmo. . Street legal. This item does not come with any body panels as shown. For the time, performance was exhilarating. 1996 Honda Prelude SiR Type S JDM RHD BB6 5th Generation H22A LSD. More Mazda classic cars for sale. Learn more about Three Rotor Twin Turbo Wankel: 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo in Florida on Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Legally imported from Japan and armed with a valid Virginia title, this is the perfect car for any Mazda and rotary enthusiast. Mazda Eunos Cosmo on sale. 1993 Mazda Eunos Cosmo Type S 13B (Blue)13BREW, Automatic Transmission (RWD)1.3L Rotary Engine, Twin TurboThis car was legally imported into the USA by using the 25 year law. Miles. It was the world's first mass-production vehicle equipped with a three-rotor rotary engine and a sequential twin turbocharger *.

$59,000* Excl. Imported from Japan 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo. For sale in United States! Vehicle Condition Grade 4. 2001 Mazda 626 For Sale. Disability Cars for Sale E. D. Sale Status: On Minimum Bid. Eunos Cosmo was intended to be the "best-ever rotary-powered car". This was the most powerful engine made at the time in Japan, with maximum power at 280ps and maximum torque at 41.0 kg-m. Location.

Color. 1990 Mazda Cosmo Type-E JC Auto. Read Mazda Cosmo car reviews and compare Mazda Cosmo prices and features at carsales.com.au. Cars For Sale.


The Mazda Luce is an executive car that was produced by Mazda in Japan from 1966 until 1991. 1990 Eunos (Mazda) Cosmo 20BTT 3-Rotor C-Series 20B 1990 20BTT 48,000 Automatic Savannah, Georgia, United States View 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo JC Twin Turbo Rx7 Rotary 1980 13b 14,624 Automatic Granbury, Texas, United States View 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo Type E 3 Rotor 20B Navigation Leather Automatic JDM RHD 19800000 62000 Try Before You Buy. Call: (02) 8664 2735 Email: info@libaus.com.au Close Menu. The Mazda Eunos Cosmo debuted in 1990, being the first and only production Mazda to use a triple-rotor engine Have a look at our range here and if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call on (03) 9364 1221 Craigslist Florida Tampa In fact, while some synthetic oil manufacturers say their oil will work fine in a rotary engine . Any questions call 727-481-3066. Technical data: fuel consumption, engine specs, interior, exterior, transmission, dimensions and weight.

If you are registering in Florida, we handle the registeration process for you! JC35E100066 This 1990 Eunos Cosmo truly looks excellent for the age with very low mileage. Throughout its history, the Cosmo served as a "halo" vehicle for Mazda, with the first Cosmo successfully launching the Mazda Wankel engine. I absolutely love this car. The Eunos Cosmo is the only Mazda's car using a 3-rotor engine.

Granbury, Texas, United States. 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo presented as Lot L100 at Kissimmee, FL . Make Mazda. The car comes wit. . 1990 MAZDA EUNOS COSMO E-JC3SE BF515588 Print Leather Seat / Alloy Wheels / Power Steering / Power Window Sorry, the vehicle has been SOLD Find more from 0 EUNOS COSMO available now Condition Report Find parts for this vehicle The Cosmo 20B is a luxury car with a triple rotorary engine and a twin turbo. Search for new & used Mazda Cosmo cars for sale in Australia. 1992 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B Three-Rotor Twin-Turbo. 1990 Eunos Cosmo Beautiful Yellow JDM RHD Luxury Coupe with 13B Twin Turbo Rotary Engine For Sale in USA Sold ID: #168 Technical Specifications Make / Model Mazda Cosmo Year 1990 Serial number JC3SE101124 SKU 10039 Location Richmond, VA Mileage 41,302 miles Modifications 100 % stock Notes VADLR $299 Processing Fee. AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE NOW $ 695. complete-cars. Well-known as the top-line touring flagship of the Eunos luxury channel, its production began in 1990 and ended in 1996 with the total number of 8,875 cars sold. The 1990 Cosmo seen here, sold through Mazda's home-market Eunos luxury sales channel (think of Lexus or Acura), represents the nameplate's final generation to date. 1610 kg. Cosmo choice reached a peak in this generation; gasoline, diesel, and rotary engines were on offer. How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B Type E (280 Hp)? But it remains the only three-rotor production car ever built, and a pinnacle of achievement for Mazda. It was widely exported as the Mazda 929 from 1973 to 1991 as Mazda's largest sedan. Model RX-7. Virginal Title Automatic transmission. This vehicle is in excellent condition with only 50 thousand kilometers on it which is about 31 thousand miles. Later generations were installed with luxury items and interiors as the Luce became the flagship offering. 1990-1997 JDM MAZDA MIATA B6 1.6L DOHC ENGINE MANUAL TRANS B6 MIATA ITEM# 268. Please Call 954 423 1100 for more info. 1990 Mazda RX-7 Description: .

Year. Used 1990 Mazda Cosmo from Duncan Imports and Classic Cars in Christiansburg, VA, 24073.

(first posted 7/16/2013) robotr10t has uploaded a raft of his sightings in Europe at the Cohort, and one of the more unusual ones is this Eunos Cosmo. Description for Mazda MX-5 Miata 1990. . 1993 Mazda Eunos Cosmo Type S 1993 Mazda Eunos Cosmo Type S 13B (Blue) 13BREW, Automatic Transmission (RWD) 1.3L Rotary Engine, Twin Turbo This vehicle was legally imported into the USA by using the 25 year law. The final generation of Cosmo served as Mazda's flagship vehicle in Japan, being sold as the Eunos Cosmo . 1980. It also differentiates which "Cosmo" you are referring to.

It's a rare, unique ride; Especially to have it in the states. Imported from Japan 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo.-Interior-Tan Leather.-2 Front Seats-2 Rear Seats-Heating, A/C-GPS Navigation-Exterior-BBS Wheels-Color: Silver-Engine-20BREW Twin . Search. . In the late 1980s Japan's ecconomy was booming and Mazda set their sights on designing a no-expense spared, world beating luxury Grand Tourer - the Eunos Cosmo. More of a very fast, high end GT than an out and out sports car, they're nonetheless accomplished handlers. 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 13B 2 Rotor Twin Turbo (RX-7) Coram, New York, United States. This car is located in South Florida and can be seen Monday - Saturday. Read More Kuruma Imports LLC (800) 960-6059 Miami, FL 33166 (2,603 miles away) 1 We have available a Japanese 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 3 Rotor RE Edition for sale. Title: TX CT . 1990 MAZDA EUNOS COSMO/E-JC3SE usados en venta. 1991 Mazda Eunos Cosmo Sold for $13,752 on 7/6/20 113 Comments View Result Make Mazda Model Mazda Cosmo Era 1990s Origin Japanese This 1991 Mazda Cosmo is finished in two-tone silver and gray and powered by a twin-turbocharged, 20B triple-rotor Wankel engine. EGC. . The vehicle comes with a Florida title. Porsche 944 Turbo S vs Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B CCS. 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo JC Twin Turbo Rx7 Rotary 1980 13b 14,624 Automatic Granbury, Texas, United States View 1990 Eunos (Mazda) Cosmo 20BTT 3-Rotor C-Series 20B 1990 20BTT 48,000 Automatic Savannah, Georgia, United States View 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B 3 Rotor Twin Turbo 1990 20B 3 Rotor Twin Turbo 31000 Automatic Garland, Texas, United States 3549.44 lbs. The Mazda Eunos Cosmo is a luxury car built on the JC platform by Mazda Motor Corporation. 1993 Mazda RX7 FD3S Efini 13b Rotary 100% STOCK OEM FACTORY ORIGINAL. Home; About; Auctions; Car Sale. 2 months ago . . Category Convertible. We're proud to offer this Cosmo 20B for sale to American import enthusiasts! 1990 Mazda B-Series B2600i Extended Cab 4WD For Sale. With only a little over 5,000 total ever made we have a 1991 Mazda Cosmo.