The information contained herein is intended for use by informed individuals who can and must determine its fitness for their purpose. Agilent. Agilent University. Reagents, Microplates, and Readers Selection Guide; Reagents, Microplates, and Readers Selection Guide Reagents, Microplates, and Readers Selection by Application; Reagents, Microplates, and Readers Selection by Category . These tools, along with information in each product section, can help you select from a multitude of options and get the Agilent sample preparation product that is just right for your lab. Captiva Syringe Filter Guide, Aijiren Captiva Syringe Filter - Selection Guide Headquarters | Other sites. High-quality Agilent Captiva syringe lters arrive ready to useand are tested and certied to be free of UV-absorbing substances So you can be condent that extractables or other contaminants will not damage the integrity of your samples. Regular Price $273.62 Price $237.93. Part No. . PTFE Syringe Filters, 3 um, 25mm, Double Luer Lock, PP Housing, sterile, 100 per pack, SPEC18140. Choose the porosity of the filter based on the size of potential particulates that may be present in your sample. Agilent Technologies, Inc. cannot assume Scan Test . Strong mechanical stability. Agilent suggests adding filtration to any sample preparation process to extend your analytical system's uptime and maximize your application's performance.

Tisch Scientific Snap Ring HPLC Autosampler Vials w/Micro-Insert, 0.3 mL, 11mm . Regular Price $177.77 Price $154.58 As low as $139.12. Excellent chemical compatibility (esters, bases, phenol and alcohols). LC needle tip. kromega Syringe Filters are a comprehensive range of non-sterile disposable syringe filters for reliable sample preparation. Note: Syringe filters are for laboratory use only. Quantity break pricing for greater savings. Order online . Autoclavable to 121 C for 15 minutes. The gauge depends on the injector. Add to Cart. Supplies & Services for Agilent/HP Mass Spectrometers. 3) Syringe filters can be sterilized by autoclave at 125C for 15 minutes. premium syringe filters are LC/MS certified to be free of extractables Choose from a variety of membranes to suit your needs. Gas Purification Systems. Housing Material: Polypropylene. Premium Septa (BTO Septa) Advanced Green 3 Septa; Marathon Long Life Septa; . In addition, the detector and its . Inside this guide you'll find: Essential facts about Agilent supplies and accessories.

Gas Filters. Pore Size (m): 0. Mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, software, dissolution, sample handling and vacuum technologies courses. Capsule Filter CP601. The 90 square tip with rounded and polished edges eliminates damage to the valve's rotor seal and stator face. Agilent LC Column and Sample Prep Navigator. The kit includes 25 microfluidic chips, reagent and consumables, sufficient for 300 samples. GMF is useful for high particulate samples. Buy membrane filters, syringe filters, capsule filters, mesh filters and many more microfilter membrane devices. Cronus syringe filters are fully validated and tested by an independent laboratory for each individual batch to ensure complete reproducibility and the lowest levels of extractables. Figure 2: Topaz single taper with wool for Agilent GCs. D: Dimer, M: Monomer. Agilent LC Capillary Finder.

Agilent Captiva 0.2 m Nylon Syringe Filter Agilent Captiva 0.2 m RC Syringe Filter. The pure polypropylene housings are color-coded and available in smooth rim or gear rim formats. Show. Agilent 7673, 7683 and 6850 ALS Syringes. Vital maintenance procedures and troubleshooting tips. All our syringe filters are HPLC certified. Agilent Technologies 1200, Column: C18 UV = 254 nm Mob.phase:MeOH/H2O:20:80 . PlateSeal Selection Guide; READY Labware Services; Return Authorization; Service / Quote Request Form; Single-Use Made-To-Order Assemblies; . Syringes for 7673, 7683, 7693A, 7650A, 6850ALS.

Autosampler Vial Selector. Choose the size of filter based on the volume of sample that must be filtered. ReliaMAX High Capacity Syringe Filters: . Variety of filter types, porosities, and diameters. Holdup Volume (l): Sample Volume (mL): Inlet Connection: Female luer lock. Orange . Shop By. It would be expected that syringe filters containing absolute rated membrane media would be approximately equivalent regardless of supplier for filters that have the same size, same membrane material and same pore size rating. Catalog No. Pack Size: 100. Syringe Filter Selection Guide.

Fluorescence cuvettes for fluorometers have 3 or 4 walls transparent while spectrophotometer cuvettes have 2 walls clear. Syringe Filters Cronus PTFE Syringe Filter 4mm, 0.2m | 100 / 1000 Pack . The plasmids and corresponding antibiotics for selection are summarized as bellow: Plasmids . Agilent Technologies Agilent DNA 1000 Kit. might cause unnecessary trouble, such as sample leakage, filter breakage, or filter falling off the syringe. Capsule Filter CP402. If the tygon tubing is removed from the 2.1mm cannulae then 'direct fit' filters should be used.

There may be a temptation to use a syringe filter as a single step from the dissolution vessel. Septa Selection Guide; Premium Septa. Super Clean Gas Filters; Click-on Super Clean Gas Filters ; Conventional Filters. Nylon Syringe Filter, 25mm, 0.22m | 100 Pack. Get a PerfectFit with Agilent Technologies Vials Vial Options Glass Hamilton maintains a large variety of replacement syringes for the most popular gas chromatography (GC) autosamplers, including the Agilent Automatic Liquid Sampler (ALS) instrument. With a broad selection of syringes for manual and auto injectors, Agilent has what you need for accurate and effective sampling Needle gauge is the thickness of the needle. 0.45um Syringe Filters found in: Syringe filter PTFE 25mm 0.45um 1000/pk, Syringe filter PVDF 25mm 0.45um 1000/pk, Syringe filter PVDF 13mm 0.45um 1000/pk,.. 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95051. Phenomenex. GC Column Selection Guides; Chromatography Method Development; Chromatography Column Selection; Chromatography Applications; Pharmacopeial Method Support; Agilent J&W Phase Equivalency Table; Chromatography Product / Part Sourcing; Chromatography Seminars; On-site Support; Agilent Maintenance Guides; Syringe Filter Selection Guide Agilent offers a large selection of vials in different styles, a variety of cap colors, multiple septa choices, and various packaging options and sizes. Find the best column for your application. Determine whether your application requires pre-filtration 2. Santa Clara, CA 95051. When selecting a needle gauge, it is important to keep in mind the volume of the syringe and the dead volume of the needle. Add to cart. This instruction aims to provide a step by step guides for researchers new to syringe filter. Filter Media Selection Guide; Syringe Filter Applications; Filter Applications; Chemical Compatibility Guide; Credit Application; . $924.00.

2) Solutions at temperatures up to 100C can be filtered using syringe filters. Millex-GV Syringe Filter Unit, 0.22 m: Millipore: Cat. A300125A. 2) Solutions at temperatures up to 100C can be filtered using syringe filters. $1,286.23 / Each. Luer lock inlet offers leak-tight syringe connection. Syringe Filter Complete Selection Guide, 2020 Bestseller, 0.22/0.45um Syringe Filters. As well as routine maintenance procedures, you will also find exploded instrument diagrams and quick lists to ensure you choose the correct parts for your repair and maintenance operations. Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies 50671504. Agilent (VanKel)/Varian), Beckman, Bruker, CTC/Leap, Distek, Hanson Research . . . .

All the Agilent part numbers you need in one easy-to-use guide. For small volumes (< 1 ml), syringe filters with a diameter of 3 mm are used for medium volumes (1-10 ml), 15 mm and for large volumes (> 10 ml) 25 mm. HPLC Flowmeter; Lab Gas Generators (CLAIND) . 3. Part Number Pack Size Price Qty Buy; Format Volume Model Needle Gauge . 2. Ideal for filtering the solutions with a high load of particulate matter. Gas Filters. LC capillary search tool, more comprehensive overview on current LC capillary portfolio in LC supplies catalog. Ideal for use with samples of <2ml. If your analysis is to be performed by HPLC then an additional filtration step should be used at 0.45um or 0.2um to protect the column. These systems provide the ability to design the right combination of filters needed for your application to achieve the proper gas purity. Agilent Technologies. For smaller volume samples (approximately 1 ml . Hamilton has designed a series of syringes specifically for Agilent ALS autosamplers that meets the instruments' requirements for dimensional accuracy, needle . Syringe Filters [13] Ordering Information: 14 ReZist Syringe Filters [15] Ordering Information: 15 Anotop Syringe Filters [16] Ordering Information: 18 Roby Syringe Filters [19] Ordering Information: 19 and 20 Technical Data [21] Product Selection [22/23] Membrane Information [23] Take Another Look at How You Work [24/25] WHATMAN SYRINGE . The bigger outer diameter (0.63mm) in the upper part of the needle allows for more stability when used with an autosampler. Proper membrane and size selection are the keys to choosing the best product to maintain the integrity of your sample components as well as to protect your system from . . Syringe Filters for Dissolution. Vankel dissolution baths can use different filters. The advantage is that the steel is pressure-resistant and also relatively inert to corrosion. Be the first to review this product. If the dissolution requires only a single time point then this maybe OK, but for multiple time points it is not . NC1758992. In most cases, the question of how to choose a GC inlet liner can be simplified based on the injection technique you employ. If the volume of the aqueous sample is Higher, the filter should be with a larger diameter. Manual Syringes from Agilent Many of Agilent's manual syringes for GC have color-coded barrels to facilitate volume selection while making life in the lab more colorful. In order to aid you in the selection of replacement parts for your instrument, the following part number cross reference chart can be used. .

Filter membrane PTFE 47mm 0.45um 100/pk. Guide to Syringe Filter Selection: CSI: CS36: Using Temperature to Speed Up Separations: CSI: CS37: Regis Technologies Line of GC Derivatization Reagents (PDF only) CSI: CS38: In a few clicks you can submit your recommendations and we will send you a free, personalised sample pack. 3) Syringe filters can be sterilized by autoclave at 125C for 15 minutes.

Effective Filtration Area (cm2): 4. It can be used for working with aggressive media such as strong acids and bases. Option 1Interference Guide Select your sample preparation technique based on the type of interferences you need to remove Sample Preparation Selection Sample Preparation Technique Guide to GC Column Selection and Optimizing Separations. Syringe Filters [13] Ordering Information: 14 ReZist Syringe Filters [15] Ordering Information: 15 Anotop Syringe Filters [16] Ordering Information: 18 Roby Syringe Filters [19] Ordering Information: 19 and 20 Technical Data [21] Product Selection [22/23] Membrane Information [23] Take Another Look at How You Work [24/25] WHATMAN SYRINGE . The Agilent J&W GC Column Selection Guide Your single source for the highest-performing GC columns, plus expert advice to help you achieve reliable results, faster. 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd. Capsule Filter CP602. The QG10204-4 quartz cell is the most basic cuvette for UV VIS measurements. The 30mm syringe filters can filter up to 100mL of sample with a retention volume of less . . Selection Guide.

This is not the case for syringe filters containing nominally rated media such as glass fiber or nonwoven polypropylene. Compare this item.

63.00 - 598.00. a quick liner selection table suitable for use with Thermo Scientific TRACE and FOCUS and Agilent instruments. This cuvette has all four windows polished and comes in the UV grade quartz. PTFE Syringe Filters, 0.10 um, 33mm, Luer-Lok/Luer Slip, Nonsterile, 100 per pack, SF18086. Agilent 7710, 7500 & 4500 Pump Tubing (PDF only) CPI International: . Caps, & Septa, Agilent 1260 G1329B. Nonsterile . Figure 3. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Agilent PES filter PVDF filter A PVDF filter B PVDF filter C PVDF filter D F i l t r a t i o n r e c o v e r y (%) BSA D BSA M . SKU: 5190-5264. Share: . Some of the key figures are: 1. Appendix A Calculating Vapor Volume The vapor volume produced by a solvent is dependent on the temperature, pressure and volume of solvent injected. Super Clean Gas Filters; Click-on Super Clean Gas Filters ; Conventional Filters.

Security of a locked needle, syringe filter or pump priming, PTFE, male Luer taper . Filter Diameter: Syringe filter diameter depends upon the volume of the sample to be filtered. Products listed under the companies below are compatible with their instrumentation. 22 m. Each denomination (0.5 L to 50 mL) features a distinct color boldly embossed on the . Syringe filters are available in a variety of diameters including 4mm, 13mm, 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 33mm.

Capsule Size Guide; . This document is believed to be accurate and up-to-date. 5190-5264 - Econofltr PVDF 25m 0.45um 1000/pk. Syringes for Agilent Autosamplers. Syringe filter PTFE 13mm 0.45um 1000/pk. or their products. Agilent Technologies. Clear All. Filtration recovery comparison of the Agilent Captiva Premium PES syringe filter with PVDF syringe filters for myoglobin samples at different concentrations. Premium Syringe Filters premium Filters, 100/pk Description Diameter (mm) pore Size (m) Certification Housing part No. Description Diameter (mm) Pore Size (m) Certication Housing Part No. InnoSep Syringe Filters; S*Pure SPE; Syringe & Membrane Filters; Violet Polymeric SPE; LC/GC Columns.