Write three supporting or "detail" sentences that are about the topic and help illustrate the main point. Learning Materials/Writing Skills/4 Paragraphs 4.6 Paragraph Development -writing topic, supporting and concluding sentences.doc In each of the examples below there is a topic sentence. The topic sentence tells your opinion, or what you think. They can be boiled . They often restate the main idea expressed in the topic sentence. 6. 4. A topic sentence briefly states what the paragraph will be about. Then, the supporting sentences give evidence and explanations, which supports the central idea . Search . . Here, the reader must grasp the author's main idea and details which are used to support the readers' thought. A topic sentence is a sentence, sometimes at the beginning of a paragraph, that states or suggests the main idea (or topic) of a paragraph. It sets the stage for the rest of the sentences, providing a structure for them. Blank 3: repeated. * topic sentence supporting sentences. 1. April 6th, 2019 - 72 Unit 4 Supporting and Concluding Sentences Supporting sentences give information that explains and expands the topic of the paragraph They answer questionswho what where when why and how and give details Good writers think of these questions when they write supporting sentences for the topic sentence She screams every time she sees one. What kind of writing is this? Read the paragraph below about the racehorse Secretariat. 5. The topic sentence contains two parts: the topic and a controlling idea. By ozgegulesan. This chapter has already discussed its purposeto express a main idea combined with the writer's attitude about the subject. The concluding sentence of a narrative paragraph should emphasize the moral lesson to the audience. The supporting sentences are in bold. (reason) h. ! This application guides the writer to focus on the main parts of the paragraph. Concluding Sentence (Restated Topic Sentence TOPIC SENTENCE: States the main idea of the paragraph. It is what the paragraph is all about. Detail sentences give reasons and examples. and How? Reading As a support technician, you need to read an e-mail I. An effective paragraph contains three main parts: a topic sentence, the body, and the concluding sentence. . Think about the overall topic for your writing. It is unquestionably the most important sentence in the paragraph. When I was in college, one of my professors gave me some excellent advice that has stuck with me through the years. Write a sentence that connects to your main idea with a what and a why. Concluding sentence It is always served in every meal. Write a minimum of 3 techniques and their effects. Write THREE SUPPORTING SENTENCES in the blank spaces under each one and ONE CONCLUDING SENTENCE. Minor supporting sentence tells more about the major supporting sentence. Two best-selling writing resources packaged together to support struggling writers! Writing worksheets > Paragraphs > Topic, supporting and concluding sentences. With descriptive paragraphs, the concluding sentence helps to tie everything together by emphasizing details from the topic sentence, using different wording and summing up supporting facts. Think about your message. A TOPIC SENTENCE gives the MAIN IDEA of the paragraph. 1-2 Supporting & Concluding Sentences. (b) Summarize by referring to the key points in the paragraph. Also, you can suggest, warn, give an opinion in the concluding sentence if you want to write an original one.

All consequent points presented in the paragraphs must support the topic sentence. The closing sentence retells your opinion using different words. The topic is "To be an effective CEO" and the controlling idea is "certain characteristics." Topic Sentence: There are many possible contributing factors to global warming. What is wrong with the other topic sentences? Interesting Topic Sentences - Essay Topics about College Life 1. Detail sentences give reasons and examples. ! Blank 3: repeated. The End of The Road - Concluding sentences summarize the paragraph. Styles and Examples of Concluding Sentences. a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph supporting sentences with details and specific examples as proof of your point logical, coherent thoughts that are developed in order from one sentence to the next a concluding idea that wraps up the point of the paragraph Below is a paragraph model. ! CONCLUDING SENTENCE/S sum up the paragraph and tell the reader that you have finished your discussion. It is Exercise 3: Copy the correct second sentence of the paragraph after the topic sentences. Blank 1: focus. Writing a concluding sentence . Not all paragraphs begin with topic sentences. It is the coldest and driest continent on the planet. Concluding Sentence: A concluding sentence indicates that . Example: TOPIC SENTENCE: 1. Pekerjaan lain yang berkaitan dengan example of paragraph with topic sentence supporting details and concluding sentence an example of advert looking for a person with financial skills , definition of algorithm with example , example of a real project with a real manager in the uae , example of a real project with a real project manager in the .

Conclusion Sentence. Unpredictable weather can cause sudden blizzards which can trap people beneath several feet of snow in a matter of hours. Write a concluding sentence that restates the topic using different words and indicates why the topic of the paragraph is significant. It states the main idea and introduces the reader to the topic. A baseball player must master several skills. Step 2: Make an essay outline and draft topic sentences. - They should NOT begin a new topic or introduce a new idea. A paragraph must always have these three parts in order to make the paragraph complete. _____ It is about something different from the other sentences .

Decide how you can introduce this idea to your readers with an interesting opening sentence. They all contain a topic (in red) and a controlling idea (in green). For example: topic sentence, main idea, supporting ideas and concluding sentence. C. None of the above. How do you know? Next, you should make an outline of your essay's structure, planning what you want to say in each paragraph and what evidence you'll use. It is a Madeira folk guitar, all scuffed and scratched and finger-printed. A topic sentence is often the first sentence of a paragraph. Follow The Paragraphs - Write a winning concluding sentence for each of the following paragraphs. When writing supporting sentences you should be giving examples, reasons, or descriptions to support your topic sentence. Problems: Topic sentence: It is an example. 2. What kind of writing is this? 4,226 Downloads. Rice has an important role in many Thai ceremonies. Both buns "hold" the meat, onions, and so on. Restate the big idea of the topic sentence using different words or a different order. An example paragraph and a practice exercise . How do you know? End It - Put an x by any sentences which could be good concluding sentences in paragraphs. In most instances, when writing a topic paragraph, position the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph as the first sentence. Supporting sentences Topic Sentence Which is the topic sentence? (1). Read the paragraph below about the racehorse Secretariat. EXERCISES ON PARAGRAPH WRITING A) TOPIC SENTENCES The topic sentence is the most important sentence of a paragraph. It is far away from hospitals and food supplies. The topic sentences should be more . It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Third graders can write an essay with a simple thesis statement, examples and supporting details, and a thoughtful concluding sentence. In some, the topic sentence appears in the middle or at the end. At the top is a bramble of copper-wound strings, each one hooked through the eye of a silver tuning key. Followers. Double underline the topic and underline the controlling idea in each of the following topic sentence. Second, a minor support sentence helps the major supporting sentence develop the controlling idea. Example: Topic sentence: Golden week in Japan is combined celebration of four holidays Major Supporting Sentence: The first takes place on April 29 th , the birthday of . 2) Analysis: Techniques, Examples, Effect of techniques in the examples. 2014. 3. Updated on February 12, 2020. There are several advantages to growing up in a small town Activity 1: Circle the topic and underline the controlling idea (1). The concluding sentence is the last Tips Topic Sentence Concluding Sentence Think about the examples you'll use in your concrete evidence and include those in your topic sentence. The App helps in focusing on the main idea and deliver details from the internet. By haiha61089. Students should not have to do homework because it takes a lot of time. There are many different ways of using eggs in cooking. Supporting sentences provide the evidence for your topic sentence. 4. People can avoid burglaries by taking certain precautions (2). Topic Sentences File Includes:Step-by-step teacher instructionsExplanation of hook and lead sentencesStudent reference booklet with 10 specific hook sentence styles, including examples and guidelinesTopic sentence identification practice worksheets where students read the opening lines to famous novels and . In others, the topic sentence is implied or absent altogether. The topic is "global warming" and the controlling idea is "contributing factors." Topic Sentence: Fortune hunters encounter many difficulties when exploring a shipwreck. What is the job of the detail sentences? The shock of the moment is registering on his face, you can see his struggle to remain emotionless, but his blue eyes show the alarm I've seen so often in prey. Your topic sentence should directly state the problem. 1. 4. Blank 4: general or overall. The supporting sentences of a paragraph develop the main idea you presented in the topic sentence. 6. Listing Order Transition Signals Transition signal is a word or phrase that shows how one idea relates to another. Identify the main point in your piece of writing. Supporting sentences develop the topic sentence. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. 4. A concluding sentence can be used to give an overview of the main points of . Some examples of topic sentences for this age group include: When we had a snow day, I made snow angels, drank hot cocoa, and went sledding. The top bun, in a way, is like a topic sentence, and the bottom bun is like the concluding sentence. In conclusion, if people are familiar with how to write a paragraph, they cover three main sections, namely the topic sentence, supporting evidence, and transitional construction. The concluding sentence for a stand-alone paragraph should accomplish one of the following: (a) Restate the topic sentence of the paragraph. What are the jobs of the topic sentence and the closing sentence? Then, come up with your own topic sentence . 2 Pages. Good roommates have four characteristics. It also includes the writer's experience & own analysis and used to develop the topic sentence. (d) Offer a final observation about the controlling idea. 3. Concluding sentence The concluding sentence restates the main idea (found in your topic sentence) and reinforces the point or opinion. The sentences in the middle of the paragraph are called supporting sentences. The first sentence is a topic sentence. The topic sentence generally is composed of two parts: (a) the topic itself and (b) the controlling idea. With descriptive paragraphs, the concluding sentence helps to tie everything together by emphasizing details from the topic sentence, using different wording and summing up supporting facts. Blank 1: focus. (OR)<br />summarizes the main points in the body of the paragraph.<br />usually starts with a transition, such as all in all, in conclusion, in short, or in summary.<br /> The supporting sentences explain more about the topic sentence by showing some facts, stats, or examples regarding the topic. Then, by pressing on each idea, the writer can search t - They should NOT begin a new topic or introduce a new idea. CHOOSING TOPIC SENTENCES Choose the best topic sentence for each group of supporting sentences. Search for jobs related to Example of paragraph with topic sentence supporting details and concluding sentence or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 21m+ jobs. The first one has been done for you: TOPIC SENTENCE: 1. Supporting sentences that include facts, statistics and logical reasoning are much more convincing that simple statements of opinion. However, other therapists have argued that anorexia was a way of avoiding adulthood. Match them to the problems. 2. The strings are stretched down a long slim neck. Concluding Sentence: A concluding sentence indicates that . Next, you should make an outline of your essay's structure, planning what you want to say in each paragraph and what evidence you'll use. When? Elementary students often write simple topic sentences that focus solely on the main idea of the paragraph. What is the job of the detail sentences? (reason) g. Athletes generally eat high-protein diets to give them more energy. Let's see how a concluding sentence (in bold font) might look in our sample paragraph about . 1. . Small cars have several advantages. A topic sentence has several important functions: it substantiates or supports an essay's thesis statement; it unifies the content of a paragraph and directs the order of the sentences; and it advises the . Similarly, the topic sentence and concluding sentence "hold" the supporting sentences in the paragraph. Where?

The "topic sentence" is the sentence in which the main idea of the paragraph is stated. It is essential to protect the environment because it affects all of us. Briefly, here are each of the five topic sentences I introduce: 1. Matilda's parents owned quite a nice house with three bedrooms upstairs, while on the ground floor there was a dining room and a living room, and a kitchen. They explain the topic sentence in greater detail and give the reader more information. Every sentence that follows the topic sentence must support the overall theme and a well-developed and effective topic sentence will allow the paragraph to practically write itself. A well-organized paragraph supports or develops a single controlling idea, which is expressed in a sentence called the topic sentence. Topic Sentence: Supporting Sentences: Concluding Sentence: A paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, which introduces the main idea of the paragraph. Then, come up with your own topic sentence . _____ not general. It teaches the basic structure of an academic paragraph- how to write a topic sentence, supporting sentence and . Usually, a paragraph has at least five sentences, with the first sentence as the topic sentence, the following three sentences are the supporting sentences, and the finals sentence as the concluding sentence. This paragraph is an example of an expository paragraph because it provides information and has a topic sentence, supporting details and a conclusion. 3. Conclusion sentence starters include words and phrases like "thus", "therefore", "resulting", "in brief", "hence", and "to sum up" are often used to start this sentence. A topic sentence has several functions in writing: it supports a thesis statement; it summarizes the content of a paragraph; and it gives the reader a glimpse of the subject to be tackled and how it would be discussed in the given paragraph.In most cases, readers look into the first few sentences of a paragraph to find out what it is about.